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16/01/2019 Groningen: Eurosonic Noorderslag | Tickets
28/01/2019 Bournemouth: Sixty Million Postcards | Tickets
29/01/2019 Bath: Moles | Tickets
30/01/2019 St Albans: The Horn | Tickets

01/02/2019 Stowmarket: John Peel Centre | Tickets
02/02/2019 Hebden Bridge: The Trades Club | Tickets
03/02/2019 Birkenhead: Birkenhead Library | Tickets
04/02/2019 Ramsgate: Ramsgate Music Hall Tickets
20/02/2019 Paris: Supersonic | Free gig
21/02/2019 Rotterdam: Rotown | Tickets
22/02/2019 Brugge: Cactus Club | Tickets
23/02/2019 Utrecht: Ekko | Tickets
28/02/2019 Arnhem: Luxor | Tickets

05/05/2019 Glasgow: Stag & Dagger Festival | Tickets
24-26/05/2019 Totnes: Sea Change Festival | Tickets

07-08/06/2016 London: Field Day Festival Tickets

12/07/2019 Lissabon: Nos Alive Festival | Tickets
13/07/2019 Madrid: Mad Cool Festival | Tickets

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Pip Blom proudly presents 4 track EP Paycheck

Pip Blom is a young indie rock band from Amsterdam that’s been making waves in England, a BBC radio darling touring with Franz Ferdinand and The Breeders. Pip Blom is both the name of the band and its leader, a dynamic 22-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist.

Paycheck, the group’s new EP, is a roaring, attitude-laden offering that maintains their playfulness and knack for melody. In 2017, a series of hooky singles Pip uploaded to the internet hit over 2 million plays, bringing a sudden burst of overseas accolades.

The 4-track EP (Pussycat / Come Home / The Shed / Hours) is something of an older sibling to Pip’s previous 7”s, doubling up on the infectiousness of those early hits but with a bigger crunch. Festival appearances and energetic, gripping live shows around the UK and Europe have solidified the band as a rising star in a new generation of indie guitar bands.

The release is a coöperation of Nice Swan Records from London and El Diablo from New York (run by Guided By Voices / Yoko Ono manager). There are only 500 copies available!

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Some reviews

ROLLING STONE: "On 'Come Home'... [Blom] taunts some tragic sap who's under the impression they get her... Her guitar gets stuck on a short, glowering riff, detuned and off-balance, like "Come As You Are" minus the sentimentality, as the song's intensity keeps building." -

NPR: "'Pussycat' has a slouchy, forever-young attitude punctuated by heavy guitar and driving drums... a perfect millennial anthem."

STEREOGUM: "Its lead single, 'Pussycat,' boasts a bothered tone and fiery guitars. On 'Come Home,' that intensity is laser-focused in frontwoman Pip Blom's steady, creeping vocals."

KEXP: "A potent set of lo-fi, '90s-influenced rock with angst-fueled lyrics and addictive song hooks."

BROOKLYN VEGAN: "'Come Home' is powered by some off-kilter guitar leads and a minimal, shuffling rhythm, while 'Pussycat' is a bit more of a rager, and on both songs, it's Pip's instantly likable voice that wins you over."

THE REVUE: "Pussycat further cements our fandom."

SO YOUNG MAGAZINE: "Another Pip Blom ear worm."

DORK: "‘Paycheck’ is an angsty and ambitious EP with the mouthfeel of addictive musical moonshine."

THE 405: "A scything and guileful track promising riotous things to come."

BORN MUSIC ONLINE: 'This is pure garage-rock fun."

DIY MAGAZINE: "More of Pip’s urgent, scuzzy guitar riffs and fuzzed out vocals."

WE CLOSE TONIGHT: "Pip Blom are who you want to be, they’re the kids with all the swagger and style that you oh so long to be. And, boy, do they know how to make music."

Bookings & Management

Bookings NL
Pien Feith (p.feith@friendly-fire.nl)

Bookings UK/EU
Charlie Myatt (charlie.myatt@13artists.com)
Sophie Roberts (sophie.roberts@13artists.com)

Alex Edwards (alex@niceswanrecords.com )
Pete Heywoode (pete@ripmanagement.com)